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Anuvu’s MASFLIGHT platform enables aviation big data solutions with insightful business intelligence that drives results.

The MASFLIGHT platform offers a single source for operations data in real-time for day-of decision-making and historic data for predictive analytics.

With integrated and accurate flight operations data in real time to support the management of operational KPIS, reducing the number of flight cancellations, delays, diversions and improving the reliability of the operation.

Challenge: Deliver reliable information, always available in real time.
Solution: The Application leverages the Anuvu system to collect real time aircraft data and display it in a user-friendly format for the customer to use for operational purposes. Explorer view with selections for live and historical data. Options include tail number, hub performance, flight delays, industry stats, diversion management, and fuel tracking.
Results: Important alert information, including diversions, tarmac delays, STA delays, etc. Critical information to optimize diversion decisions. Data used to compare competitor performance to take appropriate actions if required (KPIs Benchmark).p, implement, and support best in class solutions that work for your global business.