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Cloud services VS traditional data center


It is a reality that companies require a more dynamic IT infrastructure to strengthen themselves in the market due to the handling of large amounts of information, web pages, emails and any tool or software used to carry out their daily tasks.

With the beginning of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the technological change regarding the use of cloud services, many companies have found an opportunity to improve information storage and processing, and it has also brought cost reduction and greater scalability. However, there are organizations that have not yet made the decision to migrate to the cloud, because they have doubts about whether or not it is advantageous to use these services, or if they should continue with a physical server.

So, what are the advantages of using the cloud over a local data center? Let’s look at some features to consider.

  • Costs:
For the assembly of the infrastructure necessary for its operation, high costs must be incurred such as servers, routers, Uninterruptible Power Units (UPS), redundant connections to the Internet, redundant connections to power, among other equipment, in addition to the adequacy of the physical space, precision air conditioners, local networks and qualified labor for its implementation, operation and maintenance. Cloud server prices are lower and no physical space is required. On the other hand, depending on the needs of your company, you use the system that suits you best and the maintenance is carried out by the service provider.


  • Scalability:
Once a physical server is installed, you must acquire new equipment as new needs arise depending on the software you use, which also implies investing in data migrations and having new equipment and new technology. Using cloud services allows the capacity of a system to be quickly adapted according to customer needs, such as storage and the number of users that will access it. Better yet, the service can be set to automatically scale up or down.


  • Access:
When you want to access information, in many cases, it is difficult if it is stored on a local server and accessing it remotely becomes a risk to information security. With cloud services you can access information from anywhere and at any time.


We can see that using cloud services has benefits that many companies have seen and for that reason they made the decision to migrate to it, however, each case is particular and doubts arise regarding this issue, hence the importance of having with specialized advice to carry out this migration process to the cloud safely and efficiently.

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